We are seeking talented and highly motivated researchers at high school (Summer Programs), undergrad (UROP), graduate, and postdoctoral levels, who want to work in an active research group with broad expertise in nano-scale systems and materials synthesis (for current topics, see Research).

Postdoctoral Positions Open

Applications and nominations are welcome for postdoctoral positions in the field of experimental condensed matter physics in Moodera Research Group. Postdoctoral positions are available for the study of Majorana bound states, utilizing state-of-the-art metal-based molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) facilities and advanced mK scanning tunneling microscope (STM). There are also other interface, topologically driven phenomena with superconductors and topological insulator thin film heterostructures under intense study, focusing on growth, characterization and transport.

Applicants with proven excellent credentials should submit a curriculum vitae, statement of research interests (up to a page or two), and arrange three letters of reference. The application materials should be emailed to: Dr. Jagadeesh S. Moodera (moodera ‘at’ mit ‘dot’ edu). Review of applications will begin immediately. MIT is an equal employment opportunity employer. Applications from women and minority candidates are especially encouraged.

Contact Us

Directions to Moodera Research Group, Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory, MIT


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